Free People 

OH how I’ve missed tumblr…..

i have a perfectly normal obsession with Free People.  While most will say its too expensive, i have found that almost all my favorite pieces go on sale pretty fast.  And whenever i do spend a pretty penny, i love it so much I don’t care. Girl problems.

You can always shop online and click the link here on my site…but you can also buy this brand from Bloomingdales, Macys and now TJ Max.   I try not to get caught up in whats new or old with brands.  I say if you see something you love and would wear, wear it! Buy it when its convenient for you.  

My bra, skirt, socks and top are all from Free People. i bought my skirt in a size larger than my regular size so it can fit lower. This is my outfit inspiration for what i could wear to Coachella…

Boots are by CINTI brand from Italy. 



I wanted to share a new find for incredible mens clothing, skate shoes, skateboards, and select women’s clothing in the heart of Los Feliz.   A full service skate shop run by professional skateboarders, and appointment only tattoo spot.  

Almost everything in this store is designed by some of the best new independent designers, so you will come up on something nobody else has.  i have blogged an entire outfit from this shop before. The owner is mad cool! I would take a second look at any man that gets his gear from here. You can also find dope socks, jewelry, sunglasses, audio equipment, headphones,.need i say more. 

Kingswell Website -

Address Here

My fit 

Arkansas Jacket - Purchased at Thrift store for 5.00

Brandy Melville Tube Top 

Red Checkered Vans

My favorite new hat - bought from Kingswell 


My Photographers Closet 

Today i am relaxing.  i stole this top from my photographer which is a Vintage Wrangler Denim Button Up.  It was super ripped and perfect.

I am wearing some Vintage Suede Brown Pants of his, that he normally saves for shoots.  They are super baggy on me, I’m obsessed! 

We shot near a horse stable in Thousand Oaks, and it felt like the perfect vibe to go with it.  All i need is my guitar….next time.  

I highly recommend ravaging your older brother or boyfriends closet to find select pieces.   Sometimes thats all you need! 


Music Addict

Me on my break from recording at the studio today.  

I decided to have my photographer come by the studio and shoot me in my half pajamas half street wear during my break! My friend Matildy said she could give me a crazy up-do in 10minutes.  She came by and did this awesome hot mess on me…

I am super obsessed with these Alternative Apparel pajama pants.  I will wear them out any day, i don’t care.  They are that comfortable.  If your located in Los Angeles, i recommend hitting up there store for one of a kind pieces. I found these pants at THIS location.   I am wearing my favorite Nirvana shirt i got from Urban Outfitters a few years ago…they always get new ones.   It gives me good vibes when I’m recording.

Regardless…my theme for this year is to be yourself. Wear what you want and what your most comfortable and confident in.  As long as the “real you” is showing and your letting it all hang out, you will feel and look amazing! 

Hair Credit:

Photog Credit:

My fit

Alternative Apparel Pants 


Nirvana Vintage Tee


Punks Not Dead 

Spring is calling me…

Most of my outfit is from Free People, except for my shirt and boots! 

I love shopping in the mens vintage shirt section at Wasteland.  My favorite Wasteland is in Studio City, Ca.  I found this amazing tee in their store for $28.00, more than a thrift store find…. but still worth it in my opinion,  because it will never get old.  

I always mix vintage with new in my style. I fell in love with this shirt, because  i love PUNK MUSIC!   The music i make with my friend Sterling is all Electro Punk with Hip Hop Undertones.  You can buy our last ep HERE  or see some of our past videos HERE.   I love every genre of music, but punk brings out my roots of growing up on Beastie Boys and Joy Division.   

Old Concert Tour shirts and vintage mens tees will never go out of style, and Punk will never die! 

Felt Porkpie Hat 

Free People Moonlight Dancer Mini Skirt 

Wasteland Vintage Top 

Free People Tall Socks 

Freebird Boots 

FreePeople Bra 


Athletic Esk 

Urban Outfitters takes the cake for having the best Adidas Sportswear for women.  Of course its the kind you don’t work out in, but just wear to look cute and be comfortable!  

i bought this B.B Dakota skirt from a Sample Sell at L.A Mart.  Last friday of the month is when they have the best deals.  I highly recommend getting there super early if you wanna catch some good prices. 

Heres What I’m Wearing

Adidas Hat

Adidas Sports Bra

B.B Dakota Skirt




This is my lounge attire for today…i plan on journaling and writing love and let go letters.  It’s an Emo Kind of week….

i got my entire outfit for $14.00 at the Goodwill on Hollywood Blvd.  i am not wearing shoes today….i “will” relax.  

Ahhh….i am super in love with this tree behind me, such a beauty. 

Special Thanks to My HairStylist for this Shoot   IG:   TiLdeByMatiLde

Love & Peace 


Casual Friday 

Casual is the move….Comfort comes first! Almost everything i love goes with these vans…you can’t ever go wrong with a trusty pair of Classic Vans.  They have been consistent since the 80’s! 

My favorite thing I’m wearing today is my new Kitty Hat.  i am obsessed with cats…but the fit on this is perfect! I got my new hat and shirt from KIngswell in Los Feliz.  i love this store so much….expect to see a blog about this amazing place soon! 

Levi high waisted shorts will never go out of style.  You can always spend a ton of money buying them at different retail stores, but if you go to any thrift store and look in the mens section, you can buy mens levi jean pants and just cut them yourself.  Saves me so much money! 

Have a fantastic weekend friends! I seriously am looking forward to finally relaxing….xoxo

My Kicks

Levi Jean Shorts 


Blood is the New Black Shirt


Goodwill Hunting 

I find that shopping at thrift stores helps you find your own style.  It takes patience, but its always worth the wait!  I found this entire outfit for $12.00 at the Goodwill Store in Los Feliz, California.  I paired it with my favorite pair of converse i got on the Free People website (link on my site).   My shirt was found in the little boys section.  Checkin every section ensures one of a kind finds.

I’m making it a point to save money on clothes this year.  So i will be sharing all my finds and secrets in hopes to inspire you to save also! At the end of the day…its clothes.  It doesn’t last forever…we do. 

Style isn’t name brand, its personal style dressed confidently. Goodwill thanks for being so good! 



Morning Chill

I got up early today and decided to shoot in the morning chill.  The calm before the storm. There is no doubt that California has the best weather around this time of year.  The truth is that its cold in the morning, and then it gets super warm after 12noon.  

I am shooting in front of the Famous Capitol Records.  My dad came here when he first moved to Los Angeles to have a meeting about some music he and his friends were working on.  So much history. 

I’m Wearing…

Adidas Sweatsuit

Timberland Boots


Schaeffers Garment Hotel

i found the coolest store.  i am happy to share finds with men and not just women on my blog.  i love fashion in every aspect and i couldn’t keep this one to myself.  This place makes custom jeans for men, carries the best vintage classic leather jackets and boots, and has the most amazing collectible hats.  They have leather jackets for women also and i found myself in love with all the musical instruments in the store, but i just knew this was where all the great looking men come for select pieces.  

So besides the fact that Schaeffers Garment Hotel is amazing, they have done an incredible job designing the interior.  Everything is vintage or collectible.  I didn’t want to leave!! This store is located on Sunset Blvd right near all the best music stores.   I felt the vibe of hot guys and music…so perfect.  

Im wearing 

Free People Vegan Leather pants

Top Shop Mens Suspenders

Furst of a Kind Shirt 

Emerson Boots from Free People 



Hollywood is filled with the most amazing artistic stories.  This wall of art connected me back to my roots.   I come from a hardworking family that loves hard and overcomes all odds against them.  I am ready to face this year with that strength.  

My Mickey shirt is from Forever 21.  They have an entire collection that is out of this world and affordable!! Shot out to Sergio Joseph for curling my hair.  

My fit…

Cozy Plaid Mickey Shirt 

Free People Black Skinny Jeans

Emerson Boots purchased from Free People 


Cozy Friday 

I feel so cozy i could sleep all day….if only we could do this in Los Angeles.  Everyone i know feels so guilty to sleep around out here, because its all about hustle and work! Regardless I’m fighting for balance and rest this year.  

i am in love with my hair color so i have to share where i got it done! if your ever in town and need a blow dry, i highly recommend this spot! 

SB BOUTIQUE in Sherman Oaks, California 

i found this sweater at an independent boutique in the Sherman Oaks galleria called “Tabou”.  Everything in there is inexpensive and they have a small but amazing array of select pieces that i fell in love with. 

Anyways, sending love your way today! xoxo

I’m wearing…

Free People Jeans

American Apparel bodysuit


Forever 21

i take my breaks from shopping at Forever 21, because i tend to get overwhelmed with all the choices.  But when i make time to shop there,  i find the most amazing deals!  I found these overalls for under $40, and they fit amazing! i love that they look distressed and have plaid color lining.   

i only spent $7 dollars on my shirt.  Thrift store Lacoste little boys shirt. 

My A.S.98. Emerson boots are my new dream come true.  A lot more pricey, but i will wear these for the next few years. They fit great with colored socks.  Oh and yes, i stole this jacket and helmet from my photographer for this shoot! Thanks Joe Hill

A.S.98/ Emerson Boot

Forever Cool Coated Denim Overalls

Lacoste little boys Shirt 

Free People Socks 


Nasty Gal Shoes